Do you have Wi-Fi problems?

Our mission is to improve WiFi and Network Infrastructure across all types of businesses. We offer services ranging from installing and configuring WiFi connectivity systems to installing and configuring enterprise servers such as Windows Server Active Directory.

Why Geekabit?

Tailored top grade equipment

We install the best grade equipment that is viable for our clients needs. This means that the equipment that we install is impressive and exceeds expectations, but it's not too expensive and unnessesary for the use application.

Expertise and Skill

I have good exprience and knowledge in the work that i do and i always make sure that it is done right! If there is ever a point where i come across something that i don't know, I will learn it and implement it in my work.

Can do attitude

I always attend my jobs with a 'can do', positive attidue. My main moral is that you can do anything that you want to do if you have the right attitude. I want to make all of my clients happy and have them refer me for my good work!

Mobility is key

I will work anywhere in order to get my work done and make my customers happy. Unlike many installers, i'm happy to be on top of a roof installing a P2P link, in the loft, basement or even your igloo!


If you have a request, or something you want me to do which you may be afraid to ask. Ask me, I will say yes to anything that you need as long as it is possible. I love a challenge and it makes my work more interesting.

Our work, your clock.

Our clock works around yours, we respect that some times may be diffucult to allow us to work in the building so we are flexible with our work. We usually work during the day, but if you require a job to be done out of hours through the night, we will be there!

"One of the biggest benefits offered by free WiFi is increased time spent on the premises. The customers are bound to stay longer if they can remain connected. As many as 62 percent of businesses pointed out that the customers spend more time in their facility or shop if WiFi access is offered. Around 50 percent of customers spend more money as well."

"Our old WiFi was too slow and drove customers away, now we're attracting even more than before!"