Is your laptop broken?

It can be devastating when your laptop breaks down. Whether it isn’t turning on, or smoking flames. We can get it fixed! Although if it is really on fire we can’t make any promises!

Hard Drive Failure

Is your PC slow or has the hard drive broken? We can replace the hard drive and even boost performance if needed, bringing your laptop back to life.

Damaged Screen

Have you smashed your laptops display? We can replace it and make your laptop look brand new again!

Keyboard Failure

Are you unable to type away as fast as you once could? We can replace your laptops keyboard with a new one making it feel like new again.

Battery Problems

Does your laptop not last as long as it used to? We can replace the internal battery in your laptop bringing it’s battery performance back up to 100%.

Port Failure

Do your USB ports no longer work or can you no longer charge your device? We can replace any port on your laptop and you can use any port you need again!

Trackpad Failure

Using your trackpad and the mouse flys off the screen or doesn’t work at all? We can replace that and your mouse will go where you want it to!

Let us know what you need

Contact us today and we will be happy to help with any request. We reapair lots more than what we have stated above, so please don’t hesitate to drop us a message.