Linux is a very powerful operating system, it runs just apart everything that provides a service. This website is on a linux server infact. Linux can be configured in any way that you want, to do what you want. But it can be difficult. We can install set up and configure linux servers for you, so that you can bring your ideas into a reality.

Popular linux applications

Web Server

The most popular application for a Linux Server is to host a website, whether it is an internal site only for specific people or a site on the internet, Linux is the penguin for the job. This site is on Linux in fact!

Self-Hosted Apps

A lot of people pay for expensive services online, but they don’t know that they can host it on their own servers for free. There are plenty of open-source apps such as email servers, ticketing systems, asset management systems etc…. the list is endless.

File/media server

Linux can serve as a File Server for your business, or a Media Server for your home/business, depending on how nice your boss is :D. This means that your staff can share files between eachother easily, or you can access any music, movies or images on any device in the network.

Linux me up