We're the guys!

What can we build?

Anything you want really, but here is some examples to make our webpage pretty:

High Performance CPU

We can install any CPU to fullfill your needs, a faster, more powerful CPU means that your computer will be able to breeze through intensive tasks such as video rendering or gaming.

Water Cooling

A good PC is useless without good cooling, if a PC gets too hot then it slows itself down in order to cool down. We can install water cooling to keep your machine running cool even at 100% load!

High performance storage

We would always recommend to have an SSD installed as the system drive, SSDs drastically improve system loading times since the data on them is accessible almost instantly whereas harddrives are rather slow.

High Performance GPU

We can install any GPU that would suit your needs, a faster GPU means that you games will run a lot smoother and look better, it also allows for better video encoding which helps out with video editing.

High Performance RAM

We can install any speed/amount of RAM to suit your needs, more RAM means that your computer can handle multiple tasks at once without slowing anything else down. More RAM is never a bad choice.

Built-In Gaming capture

We can install built-in Elgato Hardware so that you can plug your gaming console into your PC and record your games to stream or share online.

What else can we do?

Anything. Is the answer to that question, if you have anything extra that you would like or anything that you are unsure of, give us a message and we will be happy to help.

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