Virus Removal Service

Viruses can get onto your computer several ways, through a website, an email, USB stick, a download… it is really easy to get a virus if you don’t have protection!

What can a virus Do?

Slow Performance

Viruses slow down your PC and make them feel sluggish. They also cause your PC to crash more often.

Data Loss

Viruses can cause you to loose your important files and data. Are your precious holiday photos on your PC?

Identity Theft

Viruses can allow hackers access into your personal info including your banking information.


Viruses are well known for bombarding your PC with advertisements.

What can We Do?

Remove Viruses

We can delete any viruses or suspicious files on your PC that shouldn't be there.

Improve Performance

We can speed up your PC improving its performance and prevent it from crashing and slowing down.

Remove advertisements

Thats right, we can stop all of those adverts from popping up and annoying you whilst you use your PC.

Prevent future viruses

We can install some software to automatically protect your PC from viruses and remove any on its own.

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