Enterprise Grade

Great WiFi is essential in enterprise business applications. It is the connection between others and powers collaboration.

Networking Fuels Productivity

We all know that technology has massively increased productivity and collaborativity within companies over the years, and that has only been accelerating. Networks now have to handle a lot more bandwidth as more and more devices are getting online. A good network is only as good as it’s WiFi connection.

WiFi Improves Results

Everyone hates technology issues, even us IT guys. Imagine coming to work everyday and having your laptop freeze due to a slow network, sometimes causing your work to get lost. You would give up on trying hard and absolutely hate having to use that machine. With a strong, fast network those worries go away and employees are able to show what they can do with no obstructions.

Frequently asked questions

We always use Ubiquiti Networks Enterprise equipment for our clients. It is top grade, robust, reliable and you fast. However, if we believe that you best use something else then we have a range of expertise in other products too.

Yes, this page is tiered towards enterprise customers, however we also offer services for smaller businesses.

Yes! If your organisation has an IT department that would like to manage the network then we can hand over 100% of the network to them. We will come, do our job and hand it over to you!

Yes and No. We go off of the assumtion that a server cabinet is already installed in the office, however if there isn’t one already then we can install one for you to house the networking equipment. Just be sure to let us know beforehand.

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