Say goodbye to slow home WiFi.

Your home is the place where you use your WiFi the most. If you’re a family, you likely have games consoles, tablets, smart speakers, smart TVs and much more. And the reality is, your bog standard network from Sky, BT or Virgin can’t handle it. You need us to boost your home network today!

Who is it for?

This service is for anyone who either has a lot of devices in the home and wants a stronger connection or someone who's connection is just struggling in general. Although this service is targeted at home users, we offer services for both Business and Enterprise applications.

What to expect

Higher Speeds

Dependant On Broadband Plan

With the new WiFi kit that we will install, we can guarantee that you will see higher speeds over WiFi on any device in any room. If your broadband speed is 200mbps, we can get 200mbps over WiFi! No need for long cables trailing to your Xbox or TV.

Stronger Connection


Everyone knows the frustration of watching a YouTube video on your phone in the living room and then walking upstairs for it to freeze and the WiFi stops working. We can guarantee you the strongest connection so that your device never disconnects from the network again.

Happier Family

No more WiFi arguments!

With our WiFi equipment installed and tailored to your home, you won’t need to be arguing over who gets to put the TV on tonight or whether you son should be playing the xbox. WiFi is the heart of the digital home and without a strong wireless connection to your devices, you aren’t getting your moneys worth from your broadband plan.

Get in touch with us today

Contact us and let us know your requirements. We will carry out an assessment at your home and then inform you of what is the best course of action. Then we will come and install our proffessional equipment and configure it to your homes needs.