Does your business even have ICT without

Windows Server

Windows server provides pretty much everything such as File servers, Printer servers, Active Directory (super important), Security, Group policies…. I could go on forever. But if you really want a great IT infrastructure for your employees, Windows Server is essential.

Windows Server

what can It Do?

Active Directory

Active Directory is the core of windows server. It manages and provides user accounts, specfic user access, printer access, logon servers etc.

Email Services

Windows Server also provides email for employees, Microsoft calls this "Microsoft Exchange". It allows staff to have their own email addreess which is linked to their user account.

File Server

Need a shared folder for your staff? No problem, Windows Server can provide this too, shared folders fuel colloboration and make working in teams a lot more stressless.

Group Policies

Group Policies allow you to enforce specific settings to the computers that your staff use. This means they cannot change settings or install their own stuff. You can also push out new software and updates using group policy. It is very powerful.

DNS Server

Windows Server can provide DNS to your network. It is known to be one of the best DNS servers in fact, this means that if you created an internal site for your staff to use then you can create a DNS entry in Windows Server and the visitors will end up at the right host.


Windows Server Update Services, otherwise knows as "WSUS", acts as an update server for your machines. Instead of computers downloading updates directly from Microsoft, you can have WSUS download them and then you must approve which you want to deploy. This allows you to test updates to make sure they will cause no problems.

Windows Server can do so much more than above, but this is what it is best known for.

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